The Greatest Thing I’ve Ever Seen in Pro Wrestling

Once again, I’ve had another lengthy absence from this blog. I just cannot seem to maintain blogging for a sustained period of time. This will be my third or fourth attempt, so here goes…

Not much has happened to me since I last posted. I spent three nights in Budapest at the end of September. I thought Budapest was a beautiful city with a magnificent Parliament building (the best one I’ve seen in the world thus far). I am also working now, the night shift at WH Smith at London Liverpool Street Station. It is tiring work, my legs pretty much hurt constantly, but I seem to be developing these things called muscles on this skinny frame of mine, which is a worry.

I have decided to return to this blog because I finally relocated the most astonishing thing I have ever seen in wrestling. It comes from a bout between two big men from the early 1990s, Earthquake and Tugboat, later of Shockmaster fame (‘he fell flat on his arse, he fell flat on his fucking arse’ – The British Bulldog Davey Boy Smith).

Usually bouts between two big men are terribly dull affairs, anyone who has ever seen Big Daddy vs Giant Haystacks will testify to this. But in this case, something amazing happens. At 3 minutes 45 seconds, the Earthquake, 400+ pounds of him, delivers a dropkick to Tugboat. Not only that, but it is actually a beauty, his right leg actually reaches the top of Tugboat ‘s head. Lord Alfred Hayes, the incredibly posh British commentator screams ‘OOOOOHHHH!!!!! That’s got to be the most astonishing thing I have ever seen’. The crowd, meanwhile is stunned, Earthquake is the heel after all (wrestling word for bad guy), but they have just seen him fly through the air with the ease of a man half his size. Later on in the bout, Tugboat delivers a dropkick of his own, not as good as Earthquake’s, but top marks for effect by an equally big man.

As a child, one of the more treasured possessions in our house was a video of Wrestlemania 6, in which the Ultimate Warrior (homophobe) dethroned Hulk Hogan (racist) in a surprisingly good match (It was called the Ultimate Challenge, but could be renamed Battle of the Bigots). One memory of that Wrestlemania was Earthquake crushing perennial jobber Hercules and Hacksaw Jim Duggan later on in the show. Despite the fact he was a heel, I liked Earthquake. From his simply effective theme song, his tiger tattoo, and the way he would show off the ‘muscles’ in his arms, he was also very nimble for a big guy.

Earthquake, aka John Tenta, was actually a legit athlete, having done wrestling, American Football and been a Sumo wrestler before his pro wrestling career, but he sadly died from cancer in 2006. In between being Tugboat and the Shockmaster, Tugboat became Typhoon and formed the Natural Disasters with Earthquake, and they became three time WWE Tag Team Champions.

While Tugboat/Typhoon/The Shockmaster (Fred Ottman) will always be remembered for falling flat on his fucking arse, he can take some pride in being part of the greatest moment in wrestling that nobody knows about, what an honour.





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