Serie A Predictions

First things first, yet more self-promotion from me, I wrote a preview of this weekends action in Serie A for Back Page Football, check it out.

Secondly, I hate predictions, and people who predict things. You are not clever if you predict something that will happen in the future, it is just luck. With that in mind, and because I enjoy playing with myself (stop sniggering), I will use this blog to try and predict this weekends Serie A results.


Roma 2 Udinese 0

Juventus 1 Fiorentina 1


AC Milan 1 Torino 1

Chievo 0 Inter 1

Pescara 1 Napoli 3

Genoa 1 Cagliari 0

Atalanta 1 Lazio 1

Bologna 2 Crotone 1

Palermo 1 Sassuolo 2

Empoli 2 Sampdoria 1

Let’s see how well I do.


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