Stuck between needs and wants

Life has been relatively stressful of late. I have been back in the UK since March and I have yet to have a job interview, let alone been offered work. Money is running increasingly tight and the deadline until my loan money finishes gets ever closer.

I feel stuck between needs and wants. I need to have a full time job, to pay my loan off and fund my wedding (September 2017!), I am happy to accept the first offer I get in order to do this.

However, I want to become a sports writer. I want to write about football, and boxing if needs be, though I am somewhat rusty on that subject. It is something that I think I could be good at, and I actually enjoy doing. To be a sports writer though, means unpaid internships and writing for nothing because of that hideous word ‘experience’. It also means I need other qualifications, like in shorthand, that I can not afford to gain right now.

So needs trumps wants right now, but I feel that if I accept a normal, full time job I will get sucked in, and my dream will slowly disappear. Hopefully, I get lucky and get a job that I like.

P.S. – Does anyone here want to employ me? I make excellent cups of tea.


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