Peter Tatchell no-platformed, who’s next?

Peter Tatchell, one of the most admirable human rights campaigners in the UK, has been no-platformed for supposed transphobic and racist comments. This is an absurd infringement on free speech, and well as being false, and show us how modern student unions have no sense of irony.

Peter Tatchell has been a stalwart champion for human rights. He tried to perform a citizens arrest on Robert Mugabe, only to be beaten up by Mugabe’s henchman. He has campaigned for the rights of people in West Papua and many other places. He call’s out human rights abuses, and those on the right or left who apologise for them. He is a true friend to the oppressed, and has done more than most to promote gay rights.

He also supports freedom of speech, which is what has gotten into trouble. These days, universities have a problem with free speech, if they don’t like the speaker, they just no platform them. This is disgraceful and is helping to create a generation of cry babies, who scream ‘OFFENSIVE’ at everything. You should not no platform people, you should challenge their beliefs and discuss them, that is how you learn.

We live in such a warped world at the moment that this rant comes across as a right wing rant against ‘the left’. The thing is, I’m actually on the left myself! but these student unions who can’t handle a free discussion are pushing me further towards the centre.

Tatchell now joins the likes of Germaine Greer on the role call of no-platformed people, I would consider it a badge of honour. It just makes you wonder, who’s next? Noam Chomsky perhaps (tbc…)

UPDATE – Tatchell wasn’t actually no platformed like the others, but some SU idiot has been refusing to share a stage with him. This doesn’t take away from the general point about the close-mindedness of modern university life though.


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