A Vegetarian Epiphany?

I am a meat eater. I love most meat in whatever shape or style it comes in, fried, grilled, roasted etc. My fiancé on the other hand, is a vegan, though not a militant one. I support her fully, and I feel for her when people demand she eats meat as though it’s an ok thing to do, she does not go round demanding people stop eating meat or cheese, how dare people say it to her?

There are plenty of solid arguments against eating meat. The treatment of animals in the meat industry, killing another sentient being when we have plenty of other things to eat. Also, sometimes you cannot be sure what meat you are eating (cough – horse burgers).* I know this, yet I still enjoy meat.

Well that changed somewhat a few days ago. We are attempting to find a nice restaurant to eat after our wedding, one of the restaurants had the option of jugged hare.** Upon reading this, I suddenly had the image of a hare running wild and free in the English countryside. My stomach twisted into a knot, and I felt nothing but guilt. I knew that we could not eat hare at the wedding.

I did not bat an eyelid for things like roast mutton or veal, but the image of that imaginary hare did something to me. I am still a long way from being a vegetarian, but maybe refusing hare is a start?

*I don’t actually know of any solid arguments for eating meat, if anyone could send me references that would be appreciated.

**I realise that we probably sound like middle class pricks for looking at restaurants with hare as an option, I can promise you I’m not, I’m actually from a depressed old mining village in the Midlands.



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