Sheer boredom

Hello there all of you*, I wanted to apologise for the lack of blog posts on here (I’m sure you have been very disappointed by this). I wish there was a good reason for this, a holiday, or perhaps an exciting life. The truth is, the last few weeks have been so utterly dull.

I’ve been existing in an inbetween world. The torment of my ‘school’ is nearly at an end, I only have 12 days of work left there, but as I’m so desperate to finish my brain and body have shut down. I wake up tired, go to work, get tired, come home and sit in a chair on my laptop doing nothing until I go to bed.

In this time, I have not had the energy to think, let alone write, but it has been fun to rot in front of the television. I watched BBC history documentaries about the Crusades and the Romanov dynasty, and enjoyed their adaptation of War and Peace (especially Jim Broadbent’s and Brian Cox’s performances of Prince Bolkonsky and General Kutuzov).

I’ve also been playing Football Manager 2015 as AC Milan. I’ve managed to turn them from a basket case of mediocre players to a young team of potential Scudetto winners (we are 4 points ahead in the league) in 18 months.

So that has been my existence since I last blogged. Some may see it as tranquil, but I want to be able to want to think about things again, and write badly too. Ciao.

* I’m unsure if anyone actually reads this, so I may actually be writing to myself.


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