ISIS vs Satellite Television

Stupid ISIS pic

Here is a graphic I found on Twitter about ISIS’ disgust at satellite channels.

DISCLAIMER – I got this from a Twitter account I follow that usually has good information, but this could be total bullshit. The problem with ISIS is, it is hard to sort the gruesome truth from fabricated brutality, anything is possible with them. So let us proceed as if this is 100% fact.

It is a genuinely hilarious read about the terrible danger of satellite TV. Let’s have a look at what they said.

‘Spreading immorality, corruption and obscenity by showing women, music videos. and so forth, which could instigate urges and depreciate the evil of sin in the Muslim psyche, making their hearts lean toward immoral people’.

That’s right, women and music videos are obscene, immoral and corrupting, but sex slaves, throwing gay people of buildings and beheading hostages is necessary for the glorious, moral, free from sin caliphate.

Propagating sorcery, charlatanism, and rationalist philosophies that poison the minds with ideas of atheism and boldness against Allah’.

Do not think for yourselves peasants, that be witchcraft! (read this sentence in a Cornwall accent, its not a typo).

Promoting the religion of democracy and secularism’

Great idea, well done ISIS on your change of heart, oh shit, I took it out of context. Let’s try again.

Promoting the religion of democracy and secularism via analysis and coverage….to set the minds of Muslims that the polytheist religion of democracy is the only hope to save them from their suffering’. 

Polytheist religion of democracy? You are talking like a bunch of religious lunatics chaps.

‘Insulting Allah (ta’ala) and making fun of His religion and His allies via television and vile dramas, which lead people to develop a taste for such things’.

Here we have the secret to stopping ISIS, stop making dramas like Game of Thrones and the Walking Dead, then they will give up. We’ve already made a start with finishing Downton Abbey.

I do have some points of agreement with ISIS though (bear with me). They are right in two respects, satellite TV is mostly rubbish (2oo channels, nothing but cats to quote the Simpsons) and religious TV is even worse.

I suppose it may dissuade people from joining them, no satellite, no thank you!




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