Stupid comment of the week

‘You don’t need grammar when speaking’

This was said to me and my fiancée at my school on Friday by the headteacher. Apparently you don’t need to know grammar, you just need to know random words and say them in any order.

When I first got to the school I thought to myself ‘I’m not really sure what to do here, but they are professionals who will help’. In reality, me and my fiancée have tried to be professional when dealing with some of the most incompetent people alive. They are terrible at their job, they have no knowledge of how to educate or engage children in anything never mind English. It’s mind boggling to see how incompetent people who have been ‘teaching’ for years can be, and their delusions. My boss claims she is an ‘educational expert’ because she has a Masters Degree. I have a Masters Degree (in History), yet I would never call myself a Historian, or even a Historical expert. They are a perfect example of the Dunning-Kruger effect.

We have 7 more weeks to endure, yet at this place 7 weeks sounds like eternal torment in the company of Beelzebub. Woe is me.


My face every single day at that wretched school.


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