New Years Resolutions

Yuck, this ‘blog’ has become self-absorbed much quicker than I thought it would. I am usually loathed to do this, but after a couple of hard years I think I need resolutions to perk me up for this year. I also thought I’d share them on my blog, which is basically me talking to myself anyway, here goes.

1.  Keep learning Italian, and some German as well.

I am a little bit of an Italophile, and last year for a few months I wanted to write about Italian football, so I began to learn Italian. It started well, as all language learning does, before it slowed down and my brain could not fit more in. But I have been determined to learn another language for a long time, and I refused to be beaten….this time.

I used to be good at German at school as well, so I might try that again.

2. Start to read again

I used to like reading, even when I was at university and going through book after book I still found time to read for my own pleasure. Ever since I’ve been in Korea the urge to read for pleasure has gone, I have 7 new books waiting for me in the UK so I hope to find the urge again. I still love having an actual book to read, ebooks are not the same.

3. Keep travelling

I am from a large family, so large we could not afford to go abroad when I was younger. I did not get a passport until I was 20, which was also when I first went abroad (to Berlin). Last year, me and my fiancée came to South Korea, we also went on holiday to China and Japan. This year, we are going to Australia, Italy and Cyprus. Having spent 20 years not leaving the UK, I’m determined to see as much of the world as possible.

4. Be positive

Like being coach of the England national team, this is an impossible job. Everyone has to have a resolution they will never keep to though.



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