The books I want to read in 2016

Hello there, long time no see! Having briefly started, then abandoned this blog, I suddenly felt the urge to inflict my thoughts upon whomever reads this again.

In this post I will share the books that I hope to read next year. I used to read a lot but thanks to a horrible 2015 I haven’t read much. I am determined to change this next year.


Kingsley Amis, Lucky Jim – A story about a bitter university lecturer really appeals to me, because I used to want to be one. It has been described as one of the best comic novels of the twentieth century.

George Orwell, Animal Farm and 1984 – I am 23 (soon to be 24) years old and I haven’t ready any of George Orwell’s fiction.

Gore Vidal, Burr, 1876 and Lincoln – Part of Vidal’s ‘Narratives of Empire’ series, I admired Vidal’s wit and non-fiction, but like Orwell, have never read his fictional works.


Nick Cohen, What’s Left? – Once again a hugely important book thanks to the rise of Corbyn, the regressives and SJW’s, Nick Cohen called out the madness of sections of the left back in 2007.

Simon Schama, An Embarrassment of Riches – I have an affection for seventeenth century Dutch art (Rubens, Vermeer and my favourite Jan Steen) so Schama’s book is a must. Schama is also a very engaging writer and presenter.

Paul Ginsborg, A History of Contemporary Italy – I also happen to be an Italophile (mostly because of football) and I’m learning Italian, and Ginsborg is a prominent historian of Italy.

David McKittrick, Making Sense of the Troubles – The Northern Ireland conflict is something I know very little about, yet it is so close and happened so recently.

Sam Harris and Maajid Nawaz, Islam and the Future of Tolerance – One of the defining issues of our time. Harris, an atheist and Nawaz, a Muslim reformer, attempt to find common ground and come up with ideas of how to combat one of the biggest menaces in the world.

That is my list so far. If anyone wants to suggest any other books (particularly fiction) please comment. Thank you and have a happy new year.


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