I can’t hate Peter Hitchens

When you are on the far left, there are certain people you are supposed to despise. In the British press, these range from people on the right like Melanie Phillips and Douglas Murray. These two you can simply label as ‘Zionist neo-cons’ and move on. Then there are fellow lefties like George Monbiot and Nick Cohen. Monbiot is good but not far left enough, especially on nuclear power, whilst Cohen is a traitor for siding with the ‘neo-cons’ (aka Phillips and Murray) over the Iraq war.

You don’t have to engage in arguments with them, just call them names, whatever actual merits they have (I like Monbiot and Cohen’s work, am ambivalent on Murray and not keen on Phillips). There are also people that are hard to place like Peter Hitchens. On the one hand he is an unabashed social conservative; death penalty, immigrants = bad etc, but he also opposed the Iraq War and supports the nationalisation of the rail industries, along with the destruction of the Conservative Party.

Personally, I sort of like him. I disagree with most of what he has to say, but he is so wonderfully negative and downcast about everything its actually quite amusing. Here he is being interviewed by Owen Jones for the Guardian, and he is in fine, miserable form.



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